Now that the pandemic has finally started to slow down, do you know what time it is? Yes! It’s time to party with your friends and family. Now, you don’t need to worry about making your party fun. All you need is a deck of cards. But beware! The Never Have I Ever game is unlike any other card game. You just need to play it once; after that, you are hooked in for life.

But what about Never have I Ever rules? This fun obviously comes with a lot of complicated and incomprehensible rules, right? Well, you don’t need to worry about this. There is only one rule when it comes to playing this game – Don’t be judgemental! Yes, it’s that simple. You don’t need to be shy about the fact that you paid for your Instagram followers or drove recklessly anymore. No, you can use these to get ahead in the game.

So, the next time you have a bunch of friends coming over for a hangout, bust out a deck of these cards and play a game.

Of all the card games, board games, and party games out there, Never Have I Ever presents the BEST opportunity to learn hilarious facts about the people you THOUGHT you knew. It’s fast, fun, and perfect for your next game night. Follow the simple rules, and laugh your faces off while being rewarded for some of the worst decisions you’ve ever made. What could be better?! Inside this box are hundreds of cards that were specially designed for a memorable fun night. Just remember: the more you’ve done, and the more you ADMIT, the better you’ll do. So check your shame at the door and have fun!

But you might be wondering, won’t the game get boring after playing it several times? Well, as long as you have adventurous albeit embarrassing moments, this game will remain fun for you. This is the great thing about the Never Have I Ever game. What’s more, now you can buy exclusive and special edition cards. It doesn’t matter what your political alignment is, you have to admit that President Trump tweeted and said some bizarre things. Why not test your knowledge about the best Trump quotes with our super famous Trump Edition cards? Or maybe you are having a girls’ night out. Tequila shots are not the only thing that can make the night fun. You should definitely try out our Girls edition cards. This way, you won’t need to worry about calling your ex again or having a hangover the following day. These were just a couple of examples of the wide variety of cards we offer. With the endless variety, from parent edition to college life edition, you are sure to find something ideal for the next get-together you are hosting.

What about any special preparation you need to make for the game? Well, there is one mandatory requirement – a delicious snack. After all, sharing your embarrassing moments with your friends and family is sure to burn a lot of calories, and one is bound to get hungry after a while.

But don’t forget the main Never Have I Ever rule –No Judgement! Which is also an excellent rule for living your life outside of the game.